Inspired by Nature.

DaVINCI Global is designed to be the world’s leading and trusted source for fact-based insights in the field of bioinspired innovation, business, and finance. Launching Summer 2015.

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Bridging the gap between business and science.

Bridging the gap between business and science, DaVINCI Global provides opportunity to share basic insights, news, information, events, data, and trends related to bioinspiration and bioinspired 3D printing.

Brought to you by global leaders in bioinspiration, bioinspired 3D printing, and sustainability research.

Partners Fermanian Business & Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) in San Diego, CA and Foundation for Global Sustainability (FFGS) in Zurich, Switzerland bring you DaVINCI Global, a product of decades of experience, and research in the field. This partnership was built on a desire to increase global awareness of bioinspiration and bioinspired 3D printing. Reinforcing an ecosystem model, that pools knowledge, expertise, and resources from across disciplines and promotes collaboration, innovation, and value creation throughout the world.

Founded in 1902, Point Loma Nazarene University is a selective Christian liberal arts institution in San Diego known for its well-rounded, forward-thinking graduates.

A Zurich-based, non-profit think & do tank whose mission is to contribute tangibly to sustainable global development.

Upcoming Biomimicry Events

Da Vinci Global Summit

August 25-26 2016 | Zurich Switzerland

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More coming soon!... DaVINCI Global will soon be updated with DaVinci Global Index and regional profiles, as well as other valuable tools, in depth information, current data and trends, and advanced research in bioinspiration and bioinspired 3D printing.