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Introducing the DaVINCI Global Roadmap for Bioinspired Commerce and Investment

DaVINCI Global (DVG) and its members are excited to collaborate on the first ever DaVINCI Global Roadmap for Bioinspired Commerce and Investment. This joint effort, involving over 30 thought leaders from around the world, kicked-off with a Roadmap Workshop hosted at CEEBIOS (Centre Europeen d'Excellence en Biomimetisme de Senlis) in Senlis, France in October 2015. CEEBIOS is the first European Excellence Centre dedicated to Biomimicry. DVG is expected to release the DaVINCI Global Roadmap in late 2016.

DaVINCI Case Studies

DaVINCI Global Case studies are summaries of research involving bioinspired companies, products, or systems where we provide a detailed contextual analysis of the relative performance of these bioinspired participants. By examining these contemporary "real-life" situations, we believe that we are able to better provide the basis for the application of various ideas and extension of bioinspired methods, practices, tools, and pathways to success. It is the intention of DaVINCI Global that these case studies can also lend legitimacy to this emerging field that intersects nature, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, economics, and related fields.

At the date of their publication, these case studies reflect the best understanding that we can have at that time, and recognize that companies, products, innovations, and personnel change regularly and rapidly. Therefore, the reader must understand and use these cases studies with the understanding that they are the opinion of DaVINCI Global from the material available during the course of research and writing of the case stud​y, and that from time to time, DaVINCI Global may update them. They are for informational purposes only and use in any way by a reader for investment, financial, or economic advice is solely the decision of the reader, and DaVINCI Global shall not be responsible for any use leading to loss, harm, or damage of any sort to the reader.