Why DaVinci Global?

We recognize the need.

DaVinci Global will address the shortage of information related to development of a financial and investment ecosystem for the field.

Business inspired by nature.

Bioinspiration opens up a whole new vista for creativity, complex designs, and solutions. Nature’s modular, bottom-up design philosophy features multi-functionality, efficiency, and sustainability. New designs and materials inspired by nature could provide additional opportunity for success to a variety of industries. Even with this all of its promise, bioinspiration has failed to become the economic game changer we believe it can be.

We believe that is the missing link to truly move beyond a fledgling industry or niche market.

The potential for capital inflows into the field persist although not because bioinspiration is “green,” but because nature is becoming more widely recognized as a wealth of innovation. Bioinspiration remains the bridge that can bring together and accomplish both the goals of environmental preservation and economic growth.